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PSIE Statement

Some news from the International Associations!

Interski International have recently released a statement based on the introduction of a new instructor training school in Europe called PSIE (Professional Ski Instructors of Europe).

We aim to clarify some of the questions raised by our members on what this means for them:

Who are Interski?

The Interski family consists of over 31 nations and 3 international specialised organisations who unite in a spirit of friendship and fellowship to jointly promote, coordinate and develop all international matters relevant to Snow Sports in general, and The Instruction of Snow Sports in particular.

Interski has 3 organisations under its umbrella:

  • The International Ski Instructors Association represents Professional Instructors and focuses on consistent qualifications and recognition for the profession. ISIA.SKI
  • The International Federation of Ski Instructors represents Amateur Instructors and Clubs that teach and guide groups but may not be their primary profession. IVSI.INFO
  • The International Association for Skiing in Schools and Universities, representing the organisation for school and university instructors who teach skiing as part of the curriculum. IVSS.SKI

What did Interski say?

“As per the current Interski statutes, only one Organization per member country is entitled to represent the Nation as an Ordinary Member of Interski, with rights to vote and represent the Nation officially at events like the Interski Congress. This Ordinary Member must first be a member of at least one of the Interski Pillar Associations (ISIA, IVSI, or IAESS). Additionally, no new national associations will be recognized by Interski International for Ordinary Membership, if an Ordinary Member is already recognized in that Nation.

Furthermore, Interski statutes do not allow for regional membership at the Ordinary Membership level. Therefore, organizations that operate regionally or without national borders cannot be recognized as Ordinary Members of Interski International, as only individual nations may have representation at the Ordinary Membership level. This particular clause does not apply to the three Interski Pillar Associations which are recognized as Ordinary Members of Interski International and also have seats on the Interski Presidium.”

Who are PSIE and why are they claiming to be linked to the Irish Interski Team?

PSIE are an instructor training school who have created their own certification pathway, which is only recognised by them and their parent organisation PSIC (Professional Ski Instructors of Canada.) PSIE is a subsidiary of PSIC managed by 2 former Educators of IASI, however there is no link to IASI currently.

PSIE are claiming to be part of “Irish Interski Team” brand which conflicts with the statement above from Interski, IASI is the Irish Nation Ordinary Member of Interski.

To be clear, there is no affiliation between IASI and PSIE.

What happens if I gain a qualification from an organisation not recognised at international level?

Generally, qualifications can be mapped from one association to another via ISIA, as ISIA has a Minimum Standards Charter. IASI is a member of ISIA and the IASI qualifications are in line with this charter. In addition, the EU Delegated Act provides a legal framework for Qualification Recognition at the highest level.

Only instructors with qualifications listed within the Act have access to the Common Training Tests (CTT), and these qualifications are represented by nations within the EU (as the competent organisation delivering education and qualifications in Snowsports).

IASI is also a member of the International Federation of Snowsport Instructors (IVSI) representing the interests of instructors and coaches working within a club setting.

Most global associations are members of ISIA (which is why employers use it as a benchmark for transient instructors), or they are listed in the Delegated Act (in the EU).

When instructors are working within their domestic borders international recognition is less relevant. However, it is very relevant for transient instructors.

IASI is a forward thinking and dynamic association, evidenced by our growth and popularity in the last years. IASI will continue to grow, develop and collaborate with domestic and global partners and will represent Ireland at Interski 2027 in Vail.

IASI has no strategy or desire to disrupt PSIC or PSIE, however our position needs to be clarified, as requested by our membership.

As mentioned above, PSIC/PSIE have their own Certification Pathway. They, along with plenty of individual coaches and businesses in this marketplace, provide valuable education, however, unless the qualification is provided by an IASI Certified provider, it cannot be recognised for equivalency by IASI.