2nd language

IASI level 3 second language module

Adopted by the board of the Irish association of Snowsports Instructors Ltd May 2018.

(A requirement for the ISIA stamp and card).

Aim– The aim of the level 3 second language module is for the candidate to be able to deal with different situations that could be found whilst working in the mountain environment. This could range from an emergency situation, giving directions or a basic conversation with and adult or child. It is not expected for the candidate to demonstrate fluency in a given language.

Application process– Candidates who hold the Level 2 certificate are eligible to apply for the second language module. Application is made by contacting directly one of the IASI recognised second language assessors (listed at the end of the document) then booking and paying them directly the fee of 50€ per assessment taken as per IASI’s booking terms and conditions.

Format– The module is carried out as an oral examination and will be run in an immersion format. This means that the assessor will speak in the desired second language for the majority of the exam. The candidate will be questioned on the tasks set below as well as their ability to hold a basic conversation.

IASI level 3 second language requirements

i. Hello, Goodbye.

ii. Please speak more slowly.

iii. I am from (UK).

iv. I am an instructor.

v. I have been skiing for.

vi. I have you been teaching for.

vii. I work in (Zermatt).

When presented with a scenario the candidate would be expected to be able to say

the following.

i. Stop.

ii. Can you help?

iii. Watch out.

iv. Explain a situation and ask them to go for help.

v. Call the emergency services.

Candidate would be expected to discuss the following points in a simulated

telephone conversation with the assessor playing the role of the emergency services,

mountain rescue, ski patrol or lift personnel.

A) Know the correct emergency number to dial.

i. Ask for the appropriate services (mountain rescue, ambulance, fire service or


ii. Describe the emergency.

iii. Someone is lost.

iv. Someone is injured.

v. Someone has fallen.

vi. Someone can’t move.

vii. Someone is unconscious.

viii. What is the injury, are they bleeding or where are they hurt.

ix. Give the location. E.g. location on the mountain, near a restaurant or chair


x. Give your name, role and phone number.

B) Be able to communicate with someone who is lost on the mountain.

i. Are you lost?

ii. Where do you need to get to?

iii. Where are you staying?

iv. What runs can you ski

v. Can you follow my turns?

i. This is the ski pole/helmet/boots/Goggles

ii. Here is the ski binding.

iii. Bend your knees, ankles and hips.

iv. Start the turn with your legs/feet.

v. Follow my turn shape.

vi. Balance over the outside ski.

vii. Keep your hands ahead of you.

viii. Keep moving.

ix. Turn left/turn right.

x. Go straight on.

xi. Wait at the chairlift.

pass requirements

Candidates are required to pass all 4 tasks in order to pass this module. Failure to pass any one task will result in an overall fail.

Approved IASI second language assessors


Jamie Kagan iasisnowsports@gmail.com

Federico Sollini Federico.sollini@gmail.com


Federico Sollini Federico.sollini@gmail.com


Pete Gillespie GillespieP@thesnowcentre.com

Julia Tscheming jtscheming@gmail.com


Marta Val Escudero marta.valescudero@gmail.com


Scott Hammond 

2nd language educators & examiners

Head of Education

Jamie Kagan

Head of Education

Pete Gillespie

Telemark Educator & Examiner

Scott Hammond

Second Language Educator & Examiner

Marta Val Escudero

Board / Education

Federico Sollini