The word adaptive relates to the ability to change in order to deal with different situations.

Generally teachers adapt lessons to suit the learner, regardless of the subject.  Not all people are the same or learn in the same way – some need an explanation, some need a demonstration, some need to have a go and see what happens, some need a different language entirely.

Adaptive ski teaching is one more step along the same path.

An adaptive skier may need a different explanation (or even no explanation), they may need an accurate and clear demonstration to copy or they may need special equipment (e.g. sitski, outriggers, different sized ski boots for each foot).

The IASI Adaptive courses will encourage you to adapt your current snowsports instructor skills and knowledge to help you develop an adaptive mindset.  Having the ability to identify and teach the skills a student needs to help them achieve their goals adds value to you as an instructor, whether you continue on a recognised adaptive pathway or take that knowledge and understanding into regular ski school lessons.

Adaptive / Education

Sara Jones



Adaptive ski teaching is normally divided into disciplines based on specific equipment and techniques: monoski, biski, 3 Track, 4 Track, visual impairment and hidden disabilities.

At level 1 you will be able to choose which module you do, which will qualify you to teach that specific discipline in the closed environment of an artificial slope or indoor snow dome.

The level 1 disciplines will be offered periodically throughout the year in various locations. If you have a particular preference for a specific discipline, please let us know. We would like to offer the courses that instructors would find most beneficial.

Level 2 courses will include all disciplines which will allow you to work in the open mountain environment for a recognised ski school, on piste.


Additional Information and Pre-selection


On attending the adaptive course instructors will be expected to have a good understanding of Basic Principles, Core Skier Development, Teaching Styles, the IASI Skills Model and the Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition. This is the base from which we will adapt.


If you do not have an instructor qualification it is necessary to attend a pre-selection assessment. During the assessment you will be asked to competently demonstrate the following tasks: all without poles.

  • ski parallel on a red piste
  • side slip on both sides
  • diagonal side slip on both sides
  • falling leaf on both sides
  • bracquage
  • “Chinese” snowplough
  • direction changes on command
  • backwards snowplough – straight
  • backwards snowplough turning left and right
  • spin from forwards to backwards
  • spin from backwards to forwards
  • following forwards and backwards
  • shadowing forwards and backwards

These tasks have been chosen because they are skills that are used every day when teaching adaptive skiing. (See video)

It is strongly recommended that students who already have teaching qualifications ensure that they can also perform these tasks competently.