first aid

first aid requirements

If you are an existing member and have already done a 2-day outdoor First aid course as part of your qualification, you will no longer be required to renew this course every 3 years. Instead, you can do this course as a 2-day CPD which will be valid for a 1-year refresher for lASI.
If you are a level 2 Instructor and are continuing your education towards the ISlA stamp and level 3 qualification, as part of this qualification, you will now be required to attend a second 2-day outdoor first aid course. After the level 3 ISlA stamp Is completed, you will no longer be required to refresh the First aid course unless you wish to tor a CPD. The 2-day first aid course will still be required for all level 1 instructors in order to receive their qualifications. Beyond this, employers may require you to have an up-to-date first aid certificate to work so will therefore be the responsibility of the member to arrange

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