CPD’s (continued professional development) is a necessary part of the IASI licence and will be required in order for members to get their membership renewals.
IASI runs its own CPD courses which can be found on the course calendar and can also be offered through its licensed course providers.  CPD’s from IASI or an IASI licensed course provider can renew up to 3 years if done on Snow or in artificial environment. 
IASI accepts other related CPD courses, however, these will only be valid for 1 year and an IASI specific CPD will be required after this.
Level 1 & 2  - 1 day on snow (or artificial) every 3 years.  
Level 3 & 4  - At least 3 days on snow every 3 years, 
Taking an IASI course will count as a 3 year refresher.